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ИГРА С РЕЙКБЕКОМ 36% НА WinCake Скачать WinCake сейчас!
Сеть: Revolution Gaming
Лицензия: Curaco
Основан: 2005
Метод оплаты: Прямо на ваш счёт
Обновление Рейк-Статистики: Ежедневно
Метод вычисления рэйка: Dealt
Мультистолы: 20
Бонус-код: LUCKBOX
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Cake Poker Room Review

Established in 2005, Cake Poker has started to make a name for themselves within the world of online poker. Although their growth has not been as rapid as some of the other online poker rooms that were created in the same year, Cake Poker has the backing from owners who are always looking to break the poker room mould, by developing new and innovatve ideas to bring to their online poker room.

Traffic at the Cake Poker room can seem to be quite low at times when compared to some of the bigger online poker rooms but this can also work within the sites favour, allowing players who are joining up to play at the poker room to experience lower player fields within the tournament section of the site.

Game Selection

Game selection at Cake Poker consists of your general poker game types, with the usual vast number of poker variants readily available for any poker player who desires them. As a member of the Cake Poker room, you’re offered the chance to play the game that you know best, increasing your chances of success.

On offer at Cake Poker Room you will find the following poker games:

* Texas Hold’em
* Omaha
* Omaha Hi/Lo
* 5 Card Stud
* 7 Card Stud
* Casino Side Games

Poker Bonus and Promotions

Cake Poker have definitely thought about their poker bonus offerings, creating a deal that will entice new members to the poker room in order to gain their share of the rewards being offered by the poker room.

The Cake Poker room offers 2 reward deals for new players who join up to the poker room and we have negotiated the best poker bonus deals for you, meaning that you get the full reward that you’re rightfully entitled to.

We offer either a 110% first deposit bonus match up to the value of $600 or you can sign up to the rakeback offer that we have for you, giving you the chance to claim back 36% of your generated rake.

Cake Poker are operating great software that really pushes the boundaries of two dimensional game play, with the need to take their software one dimension further they feel that they want to improve the members game play experience even more. Graphics on have been compared to those used on PokerRoom.com but not to be left within the shadows of the larger poker room, Cake Poker have worked hard to offer more variance in their graphical representation on a number of levels. Although when you look at the poker room’s software lobby for the first time it can seem to be a little heavy on the eye and look like it could be hard to navigate, it soon becomes second natural after you give the layout a try. All the usual features of an online poker room are there too, the online notepad, the player representive avatars and the ability to select which seat you wish to occupy at any poker game you wish to join.

Poker tournaments at the Cake Poker site might not have a huge playing field but that doesn’t stop the site placing a lot of time and funding into creating poker tournaments that will keep players interested. If nothing else, Cake Poker tournaments prove easier to place at, compared to any of the main online poker rooms. Cake Poker also offers satellite poker tournaments into major live poker tournaments and with a lower member base their poker tournaments seem to be easier winning for a poker player with any hint of professionalism about their poker game.

Support at Cake Poker is offered in the form of email and the frequently asked questions format, opting to not offer a live online chat feature or telephone support at the moment, even though it seems to be becoming the standard offering for online poker rooms. Although the support is email based, you do get a quick response and the support staff are able to help you with a number of issues, within one email response.



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